Night Shop

Night Shop is the songwriting project of Justin Sullivan. Having played drums in multiple bands, most notably The Babies and Kevin Morby, Justin dug into songwriting for a full year beginning in 2016 and dropped his first solo full length In The Break in 2018. With the release of two new songs, “Hello Take Me Anywhere” and “Cafe of Eternal Youth,” on Dangerbird’s Microdose series, Justin continues to reveal a depth of confidence and maturity seemingly impossible for someone just two years past their solo debut.

The first song up, “Hello Take Me Anywhere,” is a locomotive rocker, simultaneously displaying Justin’s roots as a drummer in its momentum and his facility with hooks in its immediately sticky bounce of a melody. The follow-up single “The Cafe of Eternal Youth” finds Justin in a state of joyous resignation, moving along as though it may have been an Elvis Presley-led lost nugget from Revolver that Justin found and finished. We find him at various points a cafe-bound youth, dreaming, and prepared to conquer and later, half dead on a mountain top, seeing stars and still ready for the energy of action.

Night Shop is the crystallization of decades of experience through the lens of a narrator in the throes of discovery. These two new songs are Justin’s latest gems, unearthed.