Matt Costa - Yellow Coat - LP

Matt Costa - Yellow Coat - LP

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When Matt Costa started working on the songs for his sixth record Yellow Coat, he’d been on tour for the better part of two years and had just ended a relationship of almost a decade. The music needed to exist, and it was as much an emotional exercise as a creative one.

Yellow Coat is a masterpiece of heartbreak from a preternatural tunesmith, its raw emotion channeled into gently swinging, hooky love songs, most of them awash in strings and mellotron and harmonies and groove. From the insinuating acoustic riffs and lo-fi beats of “Avenal” and the snappy fatalism of “Slow” to the almost church-like fragility of “Last Love Song,” Yellow Coat is equal parts lost ‘60s AM radio hits, folk-pop beauty and dark night of the soul music.


1. Avenal
2. Slow
3. Make That Change
4. Let Love Heal
5. Last Love Song
6. Jet Black Lake
7. Savannah
8. Broken Eros (Interlude)
9. Yellow Coat
10. Sky Full Of Tears
11. When The Avalanche Comes
12. So I Say Goodbye

Includes digital downloads of album and all singles.

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